Save the date hybrid Pathwork Conference, Ottawa, Canada, June 15-19, 2023. 

The COVID-19 Virus Pandemic—Mirror of our Inner Virus Presented by Nadya Beck

01/24/2021 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM ET


One-time Webinar—Paid


  • $10.00


For the first half hour Nadya will present her thoughts on the topic. In the remaining time she will address the thoughts and concerns of attendees .

The global pandemic is a virus causing disease, suffering and death in the outer world. Its cure requires the discovery and recognition of our own inner virus that has caused dis-ease, suffering and death for centuries.
















Nadya Beck is a senior helper/teacher.  Nadya has worked extensively with the Pathwork in North and South America as well as Europe over the last 35 years. Nadya has created and taught Helpership training programs in Canada, New York and Brazil.  She created and taught a 7 year program for helpers with Sage Walker, named Renaissance.  The intention and study  was to explore, expand and deepen our knowledge and relationship to the Lower Self and it’s Effect on ourselves and our planet. (Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash)

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