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The Undefended Self—Living the Pathwork by Susan T

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Living the Pathwork to Personal Transformation by Susan Thesenga. This new edition contains substantial revisions and an updated cover.

"Penetrating and highly effective guide in the psychological and spiritual search into the fundamental questions of life." 
-Leading Edge Review

Through the Pathwork teachings, and true personal stories of conflict, crisis, and breakthrough we learn interactively:

- the maps and processes for the hero's journey for our times. 
- how to dismantle personal defenses safely and sanely and to anchor in our original divine nature 
- how meeting the unconscious dark side of human nature releases powerful new energies for creativity, love, aliveness, and awakening 
- how to work with the invitations, tasks, and realities of each of the developmental stages of consciousness

Pathwork Press, 2001
352 pgs, 6x9

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