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All of You by Patricia Gebrim

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Imagine that many selves exist inside of YOU. They live in the same space yet inside you all the same. They are—the child self; the lower self; the mask self; the higher self; and the observer self. Now, imagine that these "selves" don't know each other, that they have different opinions about what is the best life choice for you, and that each one wants to determine which path you will take. Can you imagine the confusion? Who are YOU? In this new Pathwork Press publication author Patricia Gebrim, of Sao Paulo, Brazil speaks from all these parts of you. In a beautifully illustrated design, she brings light to each of the selves and helps us come closer to being whole. This book would make a lovely gift for a young adult, friend or family member as an introduction to some of the basic Pathwork concepts. Also, available as a full-color PDF download.

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